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P3ProSwing Named a PGA Learning Center Technology Partner

P3ProSwing, an award-winning swing analyzer, instructional aid and simulator, has been selected as a Technology Partner of the PGA Learning Center in Port St. Lucie, Fla., which features one of the world’s largest and most advanced golf practice facilities. P3ProSwing will be available for PGA of America golf schools, clinics and individual lessons as conducted by PGA Learning Center instructional staff. In addition, visiting PGA Professionals inquiring about technology products and services will receive demonstrations of the functions and uses of P3ProSwing.

“We are honored to be named a Technology Partner of the PGA Learning Center,” said Jay Russo, managing director of P3ProSwing. “An increasing number of PGA Professionals and instructors have been discovering how P3ProSwing fits seamlessly into their teaching and club fitting programs, bringing a new dimension of accuracy and sophistication to their efforts. So it is with pride that we bring our technology to the PGA Learning Center.”

Highly accurate, versatile and portable, P3ProSwing, founded by Les Otten, is in use by golf instructors and individual golfers throughout the U.S. and abroad. P3ProSwing’s extensive features include launch angle and video capture, including line drawing, further enhancing its in-depth swing analysis information. P3ProSwing offers instructors, club fitters and players a comprehensive understanding of individual swings, leading to greater game improvement.

Rick Martino, PGA of America Director of Instruction, said, “Today’s instruction is built on specific feedback and information on precise movements of a player’s golf club. The P3ProSwing, with the accurate data it provides, is ideal both for golfers seeking to improve their play and for golf professionals teaching the game. Precise feedback is important so golfers can know which things they are doing right, which things to improve and the success they are experiencing.”

Press release in PGA Magazine

Launch monitors, simulators can enhance revenue and help customers at golf ranges

Call them golf simulators, swing analyzers, launch systems, clubfitting systems, golf performance monitors or even high-tech golf games. But for PGA Professionals and golf range owners and operators, also call them moneymakers. Many PGA members are adding “range enhancements” such as launch monitors, golf simulators and swing analyzers to their practice, learning and lesson centers to bolster their line of golfer services, attract customers during any type of weather 365 days a year and to provide an additional profit center to their operations.

David Bennett, PGA head professional at Stowe Country Club in Stowe, Vt., was looking for a combination launch monitor, swing analyzer and golf simulator to jump-start his lesson business and give him a magnet to draw customers to his facility 365 days a year. He was looking for a profit center to carry him through the winter months in New England, when the range at Stowe Country Club is traditionally closed, so he purchased the P3ProSwing system.

“Two winters ago (2005), I purchased the P3ProSwing system for about $1,000 and hoped to get five to 10 interested people,” observes Bennett. “I offered a simple program: a one-hour lesson a week for each student for 15 weeks. “My goal was to teach 30 hours a week inside my clubhouse during the winter. Within two weeks of starting the program, before any advertising or marketing, I had sold out all 30 spots. And I had a 35-person waiting list. This winter, I expanded to 60 golfers and my facility was busy from start to finish.”

“Without the P3ProSwing system, my winter lessons program wouldn’t work and I wouldn’t have as much interest in the shoulder seasons either,” says Bennett. “Something like this can generate revenue all year. The system gives golfers visual analysis of all aspects of their swing, along with statistics and comparison and improvement tracking options. People understand their swing better and talk to each other about getting so much feedback. Once they see how the system works, everyone loves it and it has helped me become a more effective teacher and clubfitter.”

“We love all the capabilities the P3ProSwing has in showing the clubhead at impact, including clubhead speed, the angle of attack and ball speed. Not only do the kids enjoy it as well as my lessons, I’ve improved my own game with the P3ProSwing. ”PGA Professionals also like the latest technology, because it delivers additional revenue streams for golf ranges and all golf facilities.